We can all probably name historical figures or well-known news-makers or, if we are fortunate, someone who made a significant impact on our lives. But what does it take and how do we get there?

You may be surprised to discover that it isn’t complicated. It’s actually pretty straightforward although difficult and challenging. Braden Douglas, in his new book Becoming a Leader of Impact, takes apart the concept of leading with impact and thoroughly analyzes it, putting it back together in a way that makes sense and is something we can see ourselves doing. And by doing, I also mean “being”.

Becoming great at anything inherently means being intentional about it. At LeaderImpact we talk a lot about the integration of our personal, professional and spiritual lives. This book helps us to really understand, through clear definitions, inspiring examples, and challenging assignments, how to become a leader of impact. Douglas’s humility, humor and practicality shine through and you find yourself doing the work with enthusiasm and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

As you continue to grow as a leader, hopefully for the rest of your life, and also hopefully to help others grow, you will do well to focus on those three areas as well. We all want to excel professionally. We all want to be “successful” professionally. About 20 years ago it was all the rage in leadership circles to talk about moving from success to significance. We learned the difference between working for our own goals and doing things that made a difference in the life of others. Still a valid concept.

In our personal life we have probably thought a lot about work/life balance, especially during this crazy year of Covid-19 and working from home. We know that we are not truly happy and fulfilled if all we do is work and we have no one with whom to share life. It seems increasingly difficult to make time to do so.

Spiritually speaking, we are often muddled by our past experiences. Having been exposed to places of worship as children, we may be disillusioned by the concept of religion, but we also suspect there is something, (or Someone) there. We just don’t know how to proceed.

All these challenges and tensions are thoroughly dissected and discussed in the book, Becoming a Leader of Impact. While other books, and I’ve read a lot of them, focus on one or two of these areas of life, few have endeavoured to integrate all three. But it is here in the integration of personal, professional and spiritual, that we discover true and lasting impact.

I found it encouraging, inspiring and best of all, very practical. My suggestion is to 1. purchase the book here, 2. Find some other people to talk with about it (LeaderImpact groups are popping up all over the world. Here is how to find one or start one) and 3. Commit to being intentional about Becoming a Leader of Impact.

By Edward Maggard. Used by permission from leaderimpact.com