Leaders of impact don’t wait until they’re older or deeper in their career to make a difference – they start today.

LeaderImpact NEXT is a gathering of early-career leaders who inspire each other to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually, in order to impact the world. It starts now and it starts with you. Who’s next?

The road to establishing yourself as a leader can be challenging. Are you a young professional looking for a community that understands what you’re going through? LeaderImpact NEXT seeks to give young leaders a place to belong, engage and learn from a variety of resources and tools.


We get it, life is busy. But ask yourself this question: Is growth in my life – personally, professionally, and spiritually – worth investing in? We think so.

Spend 75-90 minutes each week with other young professionals searching for the same thing. Experience a place to belong, people to share life with, and learn together how to move forward with purpose.

LeaderImpact NEXT Groups are meeting in a number of cities in Canada. If you would like to join a group or start your own group, we’d love to hear from you!