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Welcome to the LeaderImpact Podcast! We are a community of leaders dedicated to optimizing our personal, professional, and spiritual lives to have a positive impact. This show is where we listen to and engage with leaders from around the world who are living this out. We love talking with leaders so if you have questions, comments, or suggestions to make this show even better, please let us know at info@leaderimpact.com

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Lisa Peters

LISA PETERS is the President and Chief Event Architect of Eye Inspire Events. Her firm inspires businesses and business owners to reinvest in their community, attract and develop leadership in their employees resulting in enhanced performance and efficiency throughout their company. Lisa is also the host of an interview and on-location television talk show on Access Communications called, “Talk of The Town” which features the latest events, happenings and hot topics in the community.

Lisa and her husband Ward have two children and live just outside of Regina.

Find her at lisapeters.ca


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