Ixtapa, Mexico 2024 2024-04-26T11:01:16-07:00

Ixtapa, Mexico 2024

The LeaderImpact Global Exchange Program has a rich history in Mexico including a visit to Acapulco more than 20 years ago where a group of business leaders from Canada were planting seeds for what would eventually become the Global Exchange program we know today. Since then there have been many visits to Mexico including partnerships in Puebla, Queretaro, and Mexico City.

This year we were privileged to partner with a group of churches in a tourist destination called Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, not far from the original destination of Acapulco. Our team of 23 (the largest team in the last 5 years) arrived well prepared after completing 7 weeks of online training. Our relatively inexperienced partners in Mexico worked tirelessly, especially in the weeks leading up to this trip, to arrange a total of 53 events. Although there were some logistical challenges, the results were simply outstanding.

Our forum speakers were able to deliver on their professional talks and share their faith stories, present the gospel, and invite the audience to begin a personal relationship with Jesus in almost all of the 53 events, including the keynote event attended by about 120 people. In total, there were approximately 2000 people in attendance and hundreds made the prayer to renew or begin a personal relationship with Jesus!

Our team of 23 bonded quickly in the training room at the hotel and several people indicated that their expectations of this trip had already been met as we heard intimate faith stories from each team member that resulted in a wave of emotions, even before starting the event schedule midweek. Once again we were blessed to witness inspiration, impact, and transformation in the lives of our team, and in the lives of so many in attendance throughout the week. To God be the glory!