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Director, British Columbia

Russ’s background is in organizational leadership and coaching. Over the last 15 years he has worked with organizations, companies, and individuals to propel them toward greater profitability and significance through consulting and coaching. He has lived in New York City, Shanghai, and Vancouver, where he received a master’s degree from Regent College. Russ has experienced the impact of crossing cultures and understands the unique challenges it brings for building effective teams and communicating effectively.

In September 2012, Russ returned to Metro Vancouver to work with LeaderImpact. He has helped facilitate the start-up of LeaderImpact Forums and Groups in Langley, Richmond, and Vancouver.

Russ has been married to Rebecca for 12 years. Originally from Texas, he is currently living in Richmond, BC with his four children, Hudson (11), Everett (8), Maleah (6) and Olivia (6).

Russ enjoys the wonderful weather in Vancouver, and the outdoor activities that are available in the area, like hiking and outdoor life. He especially enjoys watching and playing sports, such as football, basketball and baseball as well as help coach his children in sports of all kinds. You will also find him with watching an epic movie, or picking up a novel or book to pass the time.