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Quito 2015

Our team of Canadian leaders headed to Quito, Ecuador in May 2015 for the first Global Exchange to this city. We were excited to see what opportunities this new city would bring for LeaderImpact to continue expanding to key cities within Latin America.

Total events: 51

Total number of attendees: 2,391 Ecuadorian leaders

Total number accepted Christ: 736


Was the only word that came to mind when we learned of the results of the recent Global Exchange to Quito. We are so grateful to every person on the team who made a commitment to join us. Every single person without a doubt made a great contribution to our goal of reaching leaders for Christ in Ecuador. There was great synergy within the team and everyone worked very hard during the week by sharing their business and life experiences. The seeds have been planted!

Now together with the local team we will continue the follow-up process with the leaders who participated in the numerous events.

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