Panama Global Exchange 2016 2018-09-24T11:35:31-07:00

Panama City 2016

Two years ago God gave us a vision for the LeaderImpact Winnipeg City Team to own a Global Exchange.

One year ago God showed us that Panama City would be our destination.

Eight months ago, God showed us that we should invite a few representatives from Regina.

Our expectations for this Global Exchange were very high and yet, God exceeded even our high expectations. Eighteen business leaders and 4 staff, descended on Panama City on April 9th. With the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the help of a hard working Panamanian LeaderImpact team, we were able to reach higher and further than we ever imagined.

Fourteen speakers carried out more than 50 events over 3 days. Of particular note were invitations to the Presidential Palace, Copa Airlines, and 3 Universities, with multiple events at each location. Many lives were changed forever including each member of the Canadian Team. What a privilege to be part of this life changing series of events in Panama City.

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