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In November 2013, a group of 30 marketplace leaders from throughout Canada joined a Global Exchange to Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia. It was our first time to go in with the capital city of Bogotá, and all were excited for this adventure.

Our Canadian leaders met with many groups of Colombian leaders representing various sectors of business, marketing, finance and the military. Over 600 people attended 34 different events, including LeaderImpact Forums, Group Forums, Dinners for Friends, and One-on-One meetings.  The Colombian people welcomed us with wonderful hospitality, and even more importantly opened their hearts to our team as we shared openly about our expertise and experiences.

As a result almost four hundred people made the decision to start a personal relationship with God and many others are discovering the possibility of a relationship with God in their personal and business lives. Not only have the lives of the Colombian people been changed, but the lives of the LeaderImpact Global Exchange team are permanently impacted forever.

Each participant was asked to select a stone on the trip to keep as a reminder of their experience. Here are some of their comments.

A confirmation came to me in a more powerful way than I could have ever imagined. This crumbling stone reminds me that we are building something very special. It’s being around you all as much as all else.
Luke Cechetto

This rock comes from the place that I first shared my personal story and it is a milestone of incredible change in my life.
Rick Knelsen

This stone is from Adriana’s and Luis’s home, and it partly reminds me not to gather only with like minded people.
Lori Cahill

This rock has a lot of rough edges.  I came thinking I would do so much for others and the Lord has made me aware of what he’s doing in my life. One, is to be more intentional in my Christian life…not just going with the flow.
Marino Vereecke

My rock is rough but it is solid. I had never ever spoken for a group and yesterday I enjoyed it. The encouragement was incredible!
John Friesen

When we decided to come I asked that I would grow. There are some really shiny spots on this rock and they represent all the things God has done to us.
Marilyn Ginther

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