Cali, Colombia 2017

On March 11, 18 Canadians travelled to Cali, Colombia, to participate in a LeaderImpact Global Exchange. This group was composed primarily of leaders from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with many different business and leadership background. Of these 18, 12 were actively involved in speaking and received training from LeaderImpact.

Working with our Colombian partners in Cali, we were able to schedule 53 unique opportunities for our leaders to share their talks on the principles of business, leadership, and success, but more importantly talk about their faith in God and its relevance to their personal and professional lives. Over the course of these 53 speaking events, more than 1440 Colombian leaders were impacted by the Gospel message, and 437 either made a decision for Christ or indicated a desire to attend LeaderImpact groups.

It was an incredible week, and many lives, both Canadian and Colombian, were impacted and changed indelibly. We can’t wait for the next chance to take our message of Hope and Faith to leaders around the world.