LeaderImpact has been inspiring and developing leaders for decades. In cities spanning the globe, we are a community of peers intentional about making a difference in the world by becoming better people and better professionals in all aspects of our lives.

Imagine leaders everywhere living life to the fullest: using their influence, affluence, skills and time to make a meaningful difference in their homes, at work, in their cities and around the world. What if their relationship with God and with others was genuine, authentic, loyal, and caring? The true impact they would have would be astounding.

LeaderImpact is designed for leaders who genuinely want to make a difference and are willing to commit the time, energy and resources to make it happen.



This starts with knowing who you are, how you behave, think and take care of your well-being. It then moves to the relationships you have with others – from family to friends to colleagues to employees and beyond.


Regardless of where you are in your life and career, we believe you should always be learning and honing your skills and knowledge through the best thought leaders in a peer environment.


We strive to understand who God is and why a real relationship with Him through Jesus, is essential for an impactful personal and professional life.