An Interactive Webinar With Peter Hall


Integrating business, life and faith

COVID-19 has wracked the global economy like few other events in history. It has upended lives and livelihoods with a force and a global reach that is hard to fathom. Will the free fall continue? Is there a way out? And where does faith come into our life-response to this event?

Peter Hall has decades of experience in domestic and international economic analysis and forecasting. He serves as Vice President and Chief Economist for Export Development Canada (EDC) and is responsible for overseeing economic and political risk analysis at EDC and the company’s research centre. Peter is also a featured speaker at conferences, international roundtables and policy fora, and regularly appears in television, radio and print media commenting on the world economy and Canadian international trade issues.

Export Development Canada is Canada’s export credit agency, dedicated to helping Canadian companies of all sizes, go, grow and succeed beyond our borders. As international risk experts, EDC provides knowledge, financing, insurance and connections to over 10,000 Canadian companies operating in 200 markets worldwide.

Peter will answer some of the pressing questions that leaders are currently asking. He will also share how his faith in God brings strength and gives meaning to both his professional and personal life.

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Date & Time
Tuesday, June 9, 2020
8:00am Pacific Time (in US and Canada), 3:00pm GMT

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