MARCH 2023

Use your regular Group time during the month of March for group members to invite a spiritually curious leader from their circle of influence to learn from another leader.

Hosted by a local LeaderImpact group for their leaders and invited peers, a Group Forum is an opportunity to hear from an industry expert about a topic relevant to the leaders invited. The content should always be appropriate for spiritually curious leaders. The goal of the event is to provide valuable learning to the invited leaders and provide an opportunity to join the group or start a new group after the event.

The format is a well-organized event in a casual setting, usually involving an emcee and speaker in a common meeting room or boardroom, or held virtually. An invited group of up to 20 leaders helps keep the discussion focused and allows room for asking questions. Each LeaderImpact group member is encouraged to invite a peer to join them at the event.


There are two Zoom equipping sessions to assist group leaders and speakers in preparation for the group forums.

Facilitating a Group Forum

Download the presentation pdf

How to interview and be interviewed for a Group Forum

Download the presentation pdf


Live (in-person or virtual) Group Forum – the Group leader is the host, and the interviewee is a Group member from within the Group. It’s simple, effective and a huge growth opportunity for the interviewee. It’s dynamic as participants are encouraged to jump in and ask their own follow-up questions.

Live (in-person or virtual) Group Forum – the Group leader is the host, and the interviewee is a leader from outside the Group. It’s simple and effective and participants are again encouraged to engage with their own questions.

Contact your local Area Director if you need interviewee suggestions, or click here for a list of available speakers.

Live Group Forum (virtual or in-person) Pre-recorded Speaker – we have several pre-recorded interviews with world-class leaders that your Group can use. The interview will be followed by a robust discussion on what they have just heard. Click here for the videos.


How do you invite another leader to a LeaderImpact event without feeling awkward? Brian McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Sales Canada for NFP and President of Leader Manager Hub, shares some insight on what has worked for him. Brian is a LeaderImpact City Team member and a Group Leader who has had great success inviting friends and peers to LeaderImpact events.



The eternal impact of an ordinary person inviting others to an event. (John 4:1-30, 39-43)

In the classic leadership book, The Serving Leader, author John Stahl-Wert highlights five things successful, assertive leaders regularly do. The most important thing leaders can do for others, according to Stahl-Wert, is to invite others to “run toward a great purpose”.

The Bible is rife with examples of this basic leadership trait.

In this short discussion, let’s look at Jesus himself in an interaction he has with someone very different than himself and how his invitation changes this person’s life. Perhaps we might be encouraged today as we strive to invite others to be a part of our LeaderImpact group and to run to a great purpose of growing personally, professionally and spiritually.

Click here to download “Leadership Lens: Leaders Are Inviters
Click here for the French version


Once you have decided on the date, time, and who will be sharing at your Group Forum, you may use this customizable template to create a postcard invitation to send to your guests.

  1. Click here for the template
    *Important! Be sure to MAKE A COPY before working on the template (File>Make a Copy>Entire Presentation)*
  2. Enter the info including speaker photo & bio.
  3. When finished, download as a PDF or JPG to send to guests (File>Download>PDF Document or JPEG image)

If you would like assistance creating the invitation, please contact Dorothy Schroeder


Group Forum FormatDownload the pdf for details on the format and host/leader guidelines

Group Forum Facilitator Guide – Step by step guideline for facilitating discussion at a group forum Download the pdf

Follow Up – The success of any outreach falls on the Follow Up. Here are some guidelines for what should happen following the Group Forum Download the pdf