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We are encouraging each city or region to hold a Fall Kick-off with their volunteer base (City Team members, group leaders and co-leaders, future group leaders, senior members). Many cities currently do this every fall and each has its own format and style which is great. This webpage lists some ideas, resources and videos that you can use to communicate LeaderImpact’s mission, vision, theme and aid alignment to this mission.

Your Fall Kick-off will be structured the way you like! We just ask that you use the theme One Bring One, and outline the equipping that is expected over the next year.

Theme: One Bring One

The focus for this season is summarized by our theme “One Bring One” – where every member of LeaderImpact not only invites but BRINGS a guest to a forum and/or to their weekly group.

If every member brought one person in the year and only half of those guests joined a group, we would realize a 50% growth in the movement!


LeaderImpact has four objectives this year. They are:

  1. Develop a culture of inviting
    • If we want to impact the marketplace, we need to invite marketplace leaders to try us out!
  2. Develop a culture of prayer
    • We need to be in prayer and follow where God is leading us.
    • We need to continue developing our city prayer teams and prayer igniters.
  3. Develop a culture of interdependence
    • We need to move to a place where we have alignment and connection with all our groups, our city teams, and our staff.
    • We need to work with each other to be on mission.
  4. Develop a culture of equipping
    • To grow personally, professionally, and spiritually, we need to be equipped.
    • We have developed a program to equip our members who lead the movement.


Recently, LeaderImpact has developed many new resources, including two equipping programs that all volunteers are asked to complete by the end of 2023. Many current City Team members and current group leaders/co-leaders have completed one or both, accelerating movement towards the objectives above. In addition, any new city team members and group leaders will be asked to take these prior to leading a group or joining the city team. Both programs will be made readily available in and/or across cities.


This program includes two one-hour sessions and is comprised of:
A. Reviewing and discussing the “How to Start a Group” video series by Braden Douglas


B. Review of the LeaderImpact group curriculum and the principle of the two-year group plan


This 6 session (1 – 1 ½ hours per session) series teaches you how to effectively share your faith. It takes you through developing your personal stories of defining moments to sharing the gospel.

Watch the promo video

Contact your local LeaderImpact director or city team member for details on when and where in-person sessions are being held.
If you cannot attend your city/regional equipping sessions, please click below to indicate your interest in online sessions.

Register for Online Sessions



If you are having a live or virtual event, here is a template of an invitation that you can use to send out.

  1. Click here for the template
    *Important! Be sure to make a copy before working on the template (File>Make a Copy>Entire Presentation)*
  2. After editing desired info, download as a PDF or JPG to send to guests (File>Download>PDF Document or JPEG image)

If you would like assistance creating the invitation, please contact Dorothy Schroeder dorothys@leaderimpact.com

If you will be having the event at a venue or having a breakfast/lunch for a fee, please let the Resource team know and they will set up an Eventbrite invitation.
Click here to fill in the Event Details Form on LeaderHub


LeaderImpact NEXT

Leaders of impact don’t wait until they’re older or deeper in their career to make a difference, they start now! LeaderImpact NEXT is an initiative that involves young professionals and early career leaders (20s and 30s) in a LeaderImpact NEXT group.

LeaderImpact Podcast

Listen to and engage with leaders from around the world who are optimizing their personal, professional, and spiritual lives to have a positive impact. Listen on your own or use it as a discussion tool in a group.

Listen: https://leaderimpact.ca/podcast
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTSeGf4sM3u6UApAWAPNh1g

Global Exchanges

Global Exchanges are an opportunity for marketplace leaders to travel to other countries and share their knowledge, influence, and expertise. It’s a challenge for those looking to grow in their leadership and faith.

Upcoming trips include:
Guatemala City, Guatemala – Oct 22-29, 2022
Dominican Republic – Nov 10-17, 2022
Zihuatanejo, Mexico  – Feb 4-11, 2023
Panama City, Panama – March 4-11, 2023
Medellin, Colombia – April 22-29, 2023

For more info visit leaderimpact.ca/international or contact Roy Hildebrand royh@leaderimpact.com

Here is a link to a shared google drive with several resources you can use for this gathering or for any gatherings/meetings/discussions throughout the year.

2022 Fall Kick-off Event Resources

The resources include:

  1. Vision/Mission Summary
  2. Venn Diagram (3-circles)
  3. Impact Cycle
  4. Spiritual Journey
  5. Curriculum/2 Yr Plan
  6. City Road Map
  7. City Planning Calendar