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VISION: Leaders everywhere would experience life to the full. (John 10:10)

MISSION: LeaderImpact helps leaders thrive professionally, personally, and spiritually for increasing impact.


Many people in the marketplace are spiritually seeking but refuse to set foot in a church. Let us help you mobilize and equip your business leaders and professionals to bring Jesus to boardrooms and offices.

Help your church develop your business leaders to become more missional in these areas:
> Personal Outreach – learn how easy it can be to share your faith journey in a relevant way with peers.
> Giving – teach and encourage your business leaders to become better givers and financially support the local church.
> Missions – Global Exchanges are opportunities for business leaders to give back by bringing their knowledge, influence, and expertise to leaders in other countries.

LeaderImpact is designed to reach and engage non-Christian leaders in an exploration of the relevance of faith in their lives. The discussions are non-Christian friendly while being unapologetically Christian.

As spiritually curious leaders learn more about Christ through participation in a LeaderImpact Group, the desire grows for a deeper understanding of God’s Word. As they sense the need for more knowledge, family connections, and worship, they are encouraged to become part of a local church. LeaderImpact equips group leaders and facilitators to stay connected with God and grow their discipleship gifts while spending time with the spiritually curious in their groups.


With a proven and time tested process, we can help your church accelerate discipleship and evangelism development of your business leaders.

We offer:

  • Leadership Development (Foundations)
  • Outreach/Evangelism Training (Venture)
  • Training and Equipping for Group Leaders (Group Fundamentals)
  • Group Curriculum
  • Short-term Missions opportunities (Global Exchanges)